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Watch the video below for highlights from Celebration Sunday on March 11 held at Queeny Park.

Why do we need a new school building?

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The Awareness Forums were held on February 1 and 4. If you were unable to attend to learn more about this major step in the future of St. Paul’s, please click here for the handout from the meeting. 

And the PowerPoint presentation is available here. Get all the details and answers to your questions.

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tell the next generation

Tell the Next Generation! This could easily have been the theme of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in 1849 when the Church and School were first chartered. The people then were intent on telling their children and grandchildren what God had done for them in Jesus Christ. This was their legacy to generations after them.  Church and School were united in ministry together from the time they began in the log cabin.


Our Turn: After 168 years that legacy lives on. Still today St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School are dedicated to telling our children and grandchildren what God has done for them in Christ. God has richly blessed St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School with His Word, with people, ministry and resources. Now it is our turn. This legacy of Lutheran Christian education is who we are.


State-of-the-Art: Our present school building is old and tired. In the competitive school market in West County St. Louis quality facilities are very important. We are convinced we need to build a new school building on the North Campus to house the entire school. The building would be a state-of-the-art 36,000 square foot, three story structure at a cost of $9.3 million dollars. When this building is complete, this will then allow our Early Childhood Center (ECC) to move into the South Campus building and out of the old and cramped building they are presently using. The ECC will then also be able to grow. This will solve the building needs of both the ECC and School for the future. In order to accomplish this great task, we are initiating this 3-year capital campaign with an “Above and Beyond Our Abilities Goal” of $7,500,000.  While this goal may appear to be overwhelming, we move forward with the belief that “with God nothing is impossible.” 

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