Living way bible study - romans

Paul’s letter to the Romans is like Mount Everest for Bible students! Martin Luther called it “a brilliant light.” This magnificent epistle has powerful things to say to today’s world and today’s church about sin and faith, baptism and our daily battles, Jews and Gentiles, the dangers of being judgmental, the complexities of same-sex attraction and much more. Living Way is for men and women who begin in a large group, break into small groups and gather together for a Pastor-led closing lecture. 


Join us on Wednesdays (9am) or Thursdays (7pm) for an in-depth study of the book of Romans. 

2017-2018 calendar for Wednesday mornings can be accessed here. 2017-2018 calendar for Thursday evenings can be accessed here

Sept 13/14: Romans Lesson 1; Sept 20/21: Romans Lesson 2

Sept 27/28: Romans Lesson 3; Oct 4/5: Romans Lesson 4; Oct 11/12: Romans Lesson 5

Oct 18/19: Romans Lesson 6; Oct 25/26: Romans Lesson 7; Nov 1/2: Romans Lesson 8

Nov 8/9: Romans Lesson 9; Nov 15/16: Romans Lesson 10

Nov 29/30: Romans Lesson 11; Dec 5/6: Romans Lesson 12; Jan 10/11: Romans Lesson 13

Jan 17/18: Romans Lesson 14; Jan 24/25: Romans Lesson 15