senior pastor call committee is working

The composition of the Senior Pastor Call Committee was approved at the Voters' meeting in April.  The Call Committee consists of: Cory Ahlbrand, Rachel Arndt, Randy Bluhm, Jon Burford, Erin Burkis, Matthew Gornet, Heidi Heimlich, Des Kittelson (ex-officio, voting), Joan Koepke, Janet Profilet (ex-officio, non-voting), Laine Rosin, Pastor Glen Thomas (ex-officio, non-voting), Pastor Kevin Thomson (ex-officio, non-voting), Mark Yaeger (chair), David Ziegler (ex-officio, voting)

We thank in advance the members of the Call Committee for agreeing to devote many hours to the task of being guided by God to identify and issue a divine call to the next senior pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School.

Over the coming weeks and months, the Call Committee will be engaging in the following tasks:

All Congregation Survey: COMPLETED

Senior Pastor Position Description: COMPLETED

Nominations: COMPLETED

  • Phone/Skype Interviews - Reduce the list of candidates to those with whom the Call Committee will conduct phone or skype interviews; COMPLETED
  • Invite to St. Paul’s the top two or three candidates and their families for a series of meetings; COMPLETED
  • The Call Committee continues to meet and review potential candidates. Having identified one candidate, the committee has a goal of bringing at least two candidates to a Voters’ meeting after Easter.

  • Recommend to the Voters Assembly the candidate(s) it recommends to receive a divine call to serve as the next senior pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School.

The call process will include considerable time, prayer, thought, and discussion. It is realistic to expect that a call will not be issued prior to Easter 2019. Please include the work of our Call Committee in your prayers, praying for wisdom and discernment, even as we will include their work in the prayers offered from the altar in the future.